Campaign is Here

August 28, 2019 | United Way Team

Campaign season has officially kicked off. Check out what’s been going on!

Van Meter Dunk Tank_Feature

Earlier this summer, we talked about the ins and outs of our Workplace Campaign—what it is, what it means for our community, and how to have a successful one. Campaign season is officially here! Check out how it’s been going so far:

  • Earlier this month we shared that this year, instead of 2-3 Campaign Chairs, 20 local leaders (also referred to as the Campaign Cabinet) would be leading the fight for our community. They started off the campaign season with about 60 other area leaders at CRST to discuss the challenges East Central Iowans are facing and how they can work together to make an impact. As CRST’s President & CEO, Hugh Ekberg, said, “This is our United Way, this is our community, and we can’t fail those in need.”

    Sweeping for Change_Acumen Team
  • Six companies competed in our third annual Sweeping for Change curling tournament on August 9, with General Mills taking home the gold for the third year in a row! Former Olympian & World Champion, Debbie McCormick, joined us for the day and teams had the opportunity to bid on her as a team player. The event raised more than $5,500!

  • Van Meter kick started their company campaign with a breakfast for both their employees and other area businesses. At the breakfast, they talked about why they host a UWECI Campaign and how others can get involved. Additionally, Van Meter held a fair which included the infamous dunk tank, ice cream, and many other games for employees to participate in. 
    Photo Aug 28, 8 25 03 AM-1
  • Every year, a group of Loaned Executives (LEs) joins UWECI to support Campaign. The group of eight started last week, with a couple familiar faces and a few new. Welcome to the team Teresa, Derek, Kaitlyn, Joe, Kathy, Jean, Kimberly, & Jackie! You’ll have a chance to learn more about this group and what their roles entail in October.

  • Another company that hosts an annual UWECI Hibu_JasperCampaign—hibu—kicked off theirs at Theater Cedar Rapids, featuring a speaker from UWECI funded community partner, Area Substance Abuse Council (ASAC). Their Campaign will also include a bags tournament, a volunteer opportunity, puppies, trivia, and more!

Stay tuned for more information, outcomes, and fun of this year’s Campaign!