Volunteer Spotlight: Scarlett Hall

April 17, 2019 | United Way Team

Learn about our first spotlight of National Volunteer Month, Scarlett Hall of Hibu.

Blog_04-2019_Scarlett HallWe’ve said it before, and we’ll say it again—our community simply wouldn’t be successful without volunteers. In light of National Volunteer Month, we are highlighting a few volunteers who currently reside in East Central Iowa but are from all over the globe.

Our first volunteer spotlight is Scarlett Hall, who is a volunteer with United Way’s Volunteers in Proficiency (VIP) Program. This school year was her first time as a volunteer with the program.

“[Getting involved] was as easy as responding to an email saying there was a need,” said Scarlett. “I didn’t really know too much about it other than it involved hanging out with kids and reading with them.”

Over the school year, her experience with VIP and relationships with the students truly evolved into something beautiful. Scarlett’s voice reached a level of pure excitement when she talked about the two students she’s been reading with for the past nine months and “seeing their faces light up” when they go to read together.

Blog_04-2019_Scarlett Hall_Hawkeye family“The kids have really improved so much over the school year, which is what made me want to do the second session. One of the kiddos hated reading when we first started, but now he’s so excited and wants to read all the pages instead of having me read them to him—it’s been amazing to see that growth,” said Scarlett.

When asked about her favorite part about being a volunteer, Scarlett said, “It’s such a positive and productive way to spend my [free] time. And whether it’s Day of Caring or spending time during the week, it’s fulfilling to physically see the work you’ve put into the community.”

And advice she has for people looking to get more involved in the community?

“It’s as simple as diving in. I honestly didn’t know what was going to be expected of me [at first], but I’ve realized even just committing to one hour makes a big impact. You just have to take that first step, raise your hand, check your calendar, and realize that you can commit that time—the rest just kind of takes care of itself!”

Scarlett works in the marketing department at Hibu—where she’s been since graduating from the University of Iowa—and enjoys working with the company’s Employee Engagement Committee. When she isn’t busy there, she is likely spending time outdoors with her husband and three-year-old son or volunteering in the children’s ministry at her church.