The Game Changers in East Central Iowa

August 21, 2019 | United Way Team

Learn more about our leadership societies & networks and their dedication to our community.

YLS Time for Art

United Way of East Central Iowa’s (UWECI) leadership societies and networks bring together our communities’ most passionate philanthropists to tackle some of the urgent challenges facing East Central Iowa. They include:

  • Young Leaders Society (YLS)
    YLS recognizes donors aged 40 or younger & offers networking opportunities for new and emerging community leaders.

  • Labor Leadership Giving Society
    Labor Leadership recognizes Union members who demonstrate a personal commitment to caring for those most in need.

  • Women United 
    Members of Women United raise funds and resources to ensure every woman in our community has access to healthcare.

  • William B. Quarton Society
    Quarton Society was named in honor of Bill Quarton, who championed Cedar Rapids through philanthropy.

  • T.M. Sinclair Society
    UWECI’s first philanthropic leadership society is named after one of our area’s founding fathers, Thomas M’Elderry Sinclair, who believed in teaching children to read & write and was committed to the development of our community.

  • Alexis de Tocqueville Society
    Tocqueville Society members are true philanthropists and leaders who give their time and generosity to create long-lasting solutions for our community’s most pressing issues.
Because of You Reception

“What I love about UWECI is it brings together like-minded individuals who are passionate about fighting for our community,” said YLS member, Whitney Pino.

Many of these dedicated donors give both dollars and time to a specific focus area of need in our community. For example, Women United brings together funds and resources to ensure the well-being of women in our community while YLS hosts volunteer events that promote the importance of volunteering and designates 10% of funds raised to programs supporting early childhood literacy. 

Additionally, they’re committed to giving more than just money. They host gatherings at their home, spend countless hours volunteering, sit on committees, help create programs for leadership growth, plan events for hundreds of people, and advocate for those in need in our community all year long.

Their dedication truly never stops.