Giving Back in Honor of MLK Day

February 14, 2020 | United Way Team

Read about service projects in which UWECI staff participated in honor of Martin Luther King, Jr. Day.

During his leadership of the American Civil Rights Movement, Martin Luther King, Jr. emphasized that, “Life’s most persistent and urgent question is, ‘What are you doing for others?’” In the spirit of his work, United Way of East Central Iowa (UWECI) dedicated time to give back to the community to celebrate Martin Luther King, Jr. Day. Staff had the opportunity to volunteer at different organizations in the community during the morning and afternoon.


The volunteer opportunities UWECI staff participated in included:

  • Cleaning projects at the Cedar Rapids Public Library: Staff spent their morning helping library staff and volunteers clean several areas of the library. Their work ensures the library is clean and safe for individuals and families in our community.
  • Activities at YPN: The group spent their time organizing YPN’s diaper inventory and sorting through various donations. After helping with these activities, the organization has a better idea of what can be given to those who are in need of services.
  • MLK Activities at the African American Museum: A group of UWECI staff spent their afternoon helping with planned activities and visiting with museum visitors. Their contributions helped the activities flow smoothly throughout the afternoon.

Throughout their service projects, staff was able to see their impact and learn more about why each organization is important in the community.

“My experience volunteering was eye opening because I realized there is a great need for such a basic necessity [diapers],” said UWECI Executive Assistant, Andi Moore who volunteered at YPN. “It showed me how much YPN is an asset to families in our community.”

Thank you to the nonprofits and staff who served our community through one of these opportunities! Together, this allowed each individual to commemorate Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.’s life.