What is a Loaned Executive?

July 13, 2017 | Arthur Kim

Through strategic partnerships, innovative programming, dedicated volunteers, and more than 16,000 donors, we mobilize individuals and companies to confront East Central Iowa's toughest challenges. As part of United Way’s annual campaign, we have one tool that is essential to the work we do: United Way’s loaned executives (or LEs).

LEs hard at work!Loaned executives are business professionals who we recruit each fall for about three months to assist in making sure our annual campaign finds every dollar we can to invest back into our community. After a week-long, intensive training, we send LEs into our five county service area, alongside Resource Development staff, to work on annual campaigns with approximately 500 companies.

Collaborating with United Way staff, volunteers, and company coordinators, loaned executives help create campaigns that not only provide an opportunity for individuals and companies to build stronger relationships with the community, but also to have fun while making a difference in people’s lives. Sponsored or compensated by companies, our loaned executives provide more than 5,000 fundraising hours and help UWECI raise millions of dollars every year.

LEs do a lot for workplace campaigns including, but not limited to, the following:

  • Help plan strategies and activities for company campaigns
  • Put together and deliver materials
  • Help with campaign wrap-up (e.g., collect envelopes, send thank yous, etc.)
  • Attend and support companies at campaign events
  • Plan and arrange for agency speakers
  • Give campaign speeches
  • Seek out new businesses
  • Promote United Way everywhere they go!

Loaned Executives are vital to the work we do at United Way, champions for our community, and one more way we Live United.