Time for Art: New Artist Spotlight

March 21, 2018 | United Way Team

Each year, local artists donate their photography, sculptures, paintings, and more to our Time for Art event. This year, we have many new artists helping raise awareness of volunteerism in East Central Iowa. Check out some of these artists and their work below.

Tim Gallenbeck - Waldo - 67TIm Gallenbeck 

Hometown: Beaver Dam, Wisconsin; currently lives in Marion, Iowa

Why I Gave: I feel that Time for Art is a great cause and anything I can do to bring more volunteering through art is a great idea!

About My Piece: A handful of years back, I picked up an Etch A Sketch from a thrift store for 99 cents. I never had one as a child. It sat around the house for a while, until one day I picked it up and did a Christmas scene on it. My family thought it was pretty great. A few years later, I picked it back up and started doing more. I realized it was very calming, and started doing more and more pieces for people to enjoy! Last year, I got more serious about it and started putting my art out for the world to see.

Linley Cavin Matted Ink - Today is the Right Day to Live - 58Linley Cavin

Hometown: Protivin, Iowa; currently lives in Williamsburg, Iowa

Why I Gave: I donated to Time for Art because I love the cause it supports. Communities could not function without volunteers. TFA is an unique opportunity to bring more young professionals into the volunteer community, as well. Many young professionals do not have the discretionary income to bid against more established professionals at silent auction events. I love that TFA solves this problem by allowing young professionals to donate something they have control over: their time. I also love that the event allows you to support causes you're passionate about through United Way vs. only allowing you to funnel your hours to a specific cause.

About My Piece: This quote from the Dalai Lama is one of my favorites. Any time I am inspired by a quote, verse, or scripture, I write it down and often use those in my work. I try to find inspiration every day in many avenues around me such as listening to music and reading books, magazines, articles, and social media like Pinterest. I want my pieces to bring meaning into people's homes. My hope is they serve as a daily reminder and inspires them to live just a little bit better that day.

Parker George - One picture Two worlds - 79Parker George

Hometown: Cedar Rapids, Iowa

Why I Gave: I donated to Time for Art because I want to share the local talent Iowans have to offer. I feel we have a lot of talent, and many times, it goes unnoticed. I want to help bring artists together to help build each other and help grow.

About My Piece: The inspiration behind my art is actually my friends and other locals in Iowa. I feel that when we come together, we help each other reach the next level of our talent whether by sharing ideas, giving tips, or simply just supporting each other's work. No matter the art you create, having others who believe in the work you do is always inspiring.

Jacob PutnamJacob Putnam - Cowboy - 43

Hometown: Marion, Iowa

Why I Gave: I enjoy giving back and appreciate the mission of Time for Art.

About My Piece: My current body of work focuses on the concept of nostalgia in Midwestern Suburbia. The game "Cowboys and Indians" is the epitome of playing make believe, which is the exact thing I'm trying to reference in the painting.

Join us for Time for Art: A Celebration of Volunteers on Friday, April 27. You can win the pieces featured here and more by bidding volunteer hours at the silent auction. And don't forget to vote for volunteers in six categories to choose the winners of our volunteer awards!

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