Meet the Campaign Chairs: Anne Carter and Kate Minette

July 11, 2017 | United Way Team

Campaign Co-Chairs Anne Carter and Kate Minette are just getting started with this year's UWECI campaign! Learn more about their connection to United Way and their goals for our community.

How long have you been involved with United Way?

Anne: I am proud to say I have supported my local United Way through corporate giving for my entire professional life. When I lived in Columbus, I also had the privilege of serving on the United Way of Central Ohio Diversity Committee for five years.

Kate: I started contributing to United Way, when it may have still been called Community Chest, in 1970 when I started teaching junior high school.

What aspect of United Way’s work is most important to you?

Anne: How can I possibly articulate what is most important? There are so many members of our community who benefit from United Way’s work, yet there are so many needs. I do have a heart for the 2-1-1 referral helpline, which provides free and confidential information. I know from experience that sometimes a single phone call can be a lifesaver. In fact, life has taught me how difficult it is to predict when we might need help ― help that many of United Way's partners provide.

Kate: What is most important to me is the scrutiny and diligence that goes into assuring quality of all funded agency programs. Because of United Way's exceptional work, I know my dollars go to the highest purposes, to the greatest effect, and the highest outcomes. United Way is able to do what I could not possibly do as an individual.

What is your hope and goal for this year’s campaign?

Anne: It is my hope this campaign will generate an increase in contributions. It is my goal this campaign will achieve a significantly higher percentage of employee participation, beginning with my own company.

Kate: My aspirations are high, but I sincerely hope every donor can understand the work of their contributions, how their dollars are allocated, and the difference they make in our community ― that they can see the hope brought to children and families who are lifted up by the agencies we support.

List something good about working with your co-chair.

Anne: Prior to our assignment, I admired Kate’s professional accomplishments and her involvement in the community. As we work together, it has been fun to learn about her personal interests and adventures. And working with Kate gives me an opportunity to see eye-to-eye with my co-chair. :)

Kate: My co-chair is one of the finest, most principled, lovely, and talented individuals I have ever had the pleasure to work alongside. Do I typically rave about people? No. However, Anne is able to craft a story, follow up on a commitment, shed a tear when so moved, and make just the right comment at just the right time. How could a person possibly be more special or more complete?

What impresses you about East Central Iowa?

Anne: We have strong educational options, a vibrant arts community, abundant natural resources, and easy access to several large metropolitan areas.

Kate: How truly, deeply generous we are in this region; it is something to witness, something to be a part of, something that is a source of great pride. Short of a few days in the depths of winter, I cannot imagine a better place to live.

Tell us something about you personally. Your family, hobbies, etc.

Anne: I have three adult children and a granddaughter who all bring great joy in my life. I play violin and, when I was in high school, was serious enough to play in what was then the Cedar Rapids Symphony Orchestra. Now, I mostly play at church and get together to play quartets with friends whenever I can. I enjoy swimming; let’s just say I am an aspiring triathlete.

Kate: I am fortunate to have a wonderful husband and family, including one daughter and family still in state and a son in Denver. I retired two years ago after 22 years with Pearson. Today, aside from community service, we are fortunate to travel worldwide. My free time is full of reading, yoga, gardening (er, pulling weeds), and performance art. I just returned from a month overseas, just to try it out!