#ConnectingCommunity Week 7: Making Progress Every Day

June 29, 2020 | United Way Team

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As COVID-19 cases start to spike in our community and nation again, we are reminded that the work needed to address the emerging needs in East Central Iowa is not over.

This past week, we distributed our second round of funding to non-profit agencies who are working directly with the issues COVID has created in our community. Your gifts are helping provide personal protective equipment (PPE) to those delivering Meals on Wheels.Those volunteering in the jail system to work with individuals who will soon be reintroduced into society also have PPEs, thanks to generous support. CARE Fund dollars also are working to help provide legal assistance to those who are facing eviction due to COVID’s effects on joblessness. Your support is also providing food, clothing, and infant and children supplies to those in need. And this is just a snippet of what's happening in our community.

All in all, United Way of East Central Iowa has given nearly $100,000 to the community from the CARE Fund, and we’re not done. We plan on having a third round of distributions later this summer. Additionally, we're working with not one, not two, but three AmeriCorps VISTAS to help with the impacts of COVID-19. Some of the work they will be doing includes helping our community’s now uninsured start the process of signing up for health insurance, as well as helping our community’s organized response and recovery from natural disasters.

Whether you give directly to the CARE Fund, or United Way in general, thank you for supporting these and other much needed issues that have come about due to this virus’ presence in East Central Iowa. We know that these issues will not be going away soon. The need will be great over the coming months as we continue to deal with the pandemic’s effects. Thank you for stepping up and standing beside us in our fight to Live United.

-Kristin Roberts

President & CEO